Bookmaker 5 central server unit

The central server unit, consisting of database and application server, provides the basis for the operation of a sports betting business and establishes the connection between bm5 Shop and bm5 Terminal as well as bm5 Betweb to the central database. Due to our experience of many years we use most efficient encryption methods based on hardware cryptography, thus gain a considerably higher usability and availability of the central servers.


BM5 consists basically of high-performance servers which enables a professional sports betting business. In case of the expansion of a sports betting business, servers can easily be added to an already existing server structure due to the modular and therefore cost-saving expandability of bm5.


As a special service we offer – in cooperation with one of the leading providers – server hosting for our customers. The data centre is located in Graz and directly connected to all bookmaker5 workstations using a broadband internet connection via backbone (1 Gbit/s). This structure permits regular server maintenance as well as the possibility to make software updates easily available. This ensures a secure and reliable operation of the sports betting business.


As bookmaker5 has open interfaces, we can integrate external betting systems and technologies like third party games or odds services at any time via our defined XML interfaces.