For 15 years the team of the Arland group is developing the innovative and ground-breaking Bookmaker platform. Since the beginning all components of the software have been exclusively designed in direct collaboration with international experts of the sports betting and gaming industry.


Every function of Bookmaker5 meets the requirements of our customers and has been optimized for practical use. Your bookmakers have to manage just one bet offer in all languages and currencies for your international shops, terminals, websites and smartphones. That way, all workflows for your book-makers and employees – like game data and odds management as well as risk management – are easier to use and faster to perform.
With the extensive possibilities of the platform, every imaginable tip type for sports betting, live betting and virtual betting can be created, calculated and managed – of course with full intergration of the BETRADAR data feed.

Thanks to the flexible risk warnings you can always keep track of all your customers‘ bets in real time.
This makes it easy for your employees to identify, assess and promptly dissolve any possible risk. Our well-proven live betting system is a core element of the bookmaker5 platform and even enables you to send all current odds in real time to every modern smartphone. So your customers can bet around the clock, using
their customer account.


We help you to avoid mistakes and advise you about all possibilities and ways to reach your goals. Avoid wrong decisions right from the start to save yourself time, money and nerves. Build your sports betting business on a reliable and future-proof foundation and benefit from our technical insight and experience. Thanks to on-going enhancements based on modern technologies and market trends, the Bookmaker platform will continue to be the benchmark for innovation in the sports betting industry.